Enej (II)

Title: Enaj 2 (An ongoing project)
Dhaka Art Summit, Bangladesh
A Utopian Stage
Performance duration: 6 hours, Three days every day 2 hours
Date of work:  5th, 6th,7th February 2018
Photo Credit: Manir Mrittik, Shahriar shoan
Curated by: Vali Mahlouji

 Collaborating with the Indigenous Santal people and singers, Yasmin Jahan Nupur’s performative dance and video series broke down language barriers through a process of body movements and participatory dances, telling stories about life, spirituality, and culture, to create a bridge between city and local dialects, cultures and lost languages.  During the Dhaka Art Summit 2018, Enej was performed as part of A Utopian Stage’s transnationally roving amphitheater, below the levels where differences appear.  A space where artists, performers and filmmakers were inclusively incorporated within a collective arena of experimentation that echoed the progressive pitch of the Festival of Arts, ShirazPersepolis (1967-77), and the highs and lows of universalist utopian ideals. Amidst resurgent forces of cultural and political reactionism around the world, below the levels… proclaimed a radical site of collective exchange.  (From Dhaka Arts Summit website)