Another crazy thing I can do; dance!

Title: Another crazy thing I can do; dance!
Dhaka Art Summit, Bangladesh
Performance Pavilion- Shifting Sands Sifting Hands
Date of work  : 7th and 8th February  2016
Size /durations: 12 hours, 6 hours each day
Photo credit: Manir Mrittik  and Nasirul Islam.
Curated by  : Nikhil Chopra, Madhavi Gore and Jana Prepeluh

The idea of my work isn’t only about establishing relations; it is a relationship in-and-of-itself. There’s a sort of willingness to review the body, in the joy of creating, and not being afraid of creating, the willingness to do something, having an idea, and doing it, without being overly analytical.” move in ‘dance’: in non-dance motions and movements imitating dance. Deal with the body, the mind and the various emotional states that I have passed through in the duration of my performance. With the dance I did slowly moving in various positions, investigating space in relation to own body, the walls and floor, and memory. The dancing body occupied the space, occupied the place and expanded time through motions of the body. It’s has been differently grappling with the relationship of own choreography to the particular duration, space, and audience demands that characterize a museal exhibition in my respective.