Sat on the chair

Title: Sat on the Chair
Performance, 2014, Dhaka Art summit,
Duration: 3 hours, Date : 3rd February 
Curated by Mahbubur Rahman
Photo Credit: Manir Marittik

I feel scared on height particularly on high- rise, always I feel might be I will fall down, and there is nothing under my foot. I want to interact this feeling through my performance. This time I want to be isolated from the audiences. I will bind myself with a pillar on high rise. On that state, I will see the audience and will try to imagine what audience feelings and what will my feelings. From this distance, I try to interact between audience and my emotion. This work is about the silence, about a meditative state of mind. A different state of consciousness and what it can do? There will be something amplified about the situation. This function of this performance present that communication can be on so many different levels. For me it’s too important the differences between what audience mind and what I have in my mind! In the last two year, I have been preparing myself by mentally for this performance. Once I had been attempt to do this but my curator, admirer/follower, they didn’t let me to do this. They said they couldn’t take any risk for me. But I would love to take risk.