Insect Compound Eye vs. Human Eye

Insect Compound Eye vs. Human Eye
Performance Durations :3 hours Year: 2015
Bodyworkshop 5: Aesthetics of Self-Preservation, Madhay pradesh, India
Curator :Nikhil Chopra, Madhavi Gore and Jana Prepeluh
Photo Credit: Nikhil Chopra.

Insects and humans have very different types of eyes, but each has advantages and disadvantages. The insect compound eye is like having lots of little eyes looking in different directions, but each little eye doesn’t see very well. The human eye can swivel, but it only looks in one direction at any given moment. Both the insect compound eye and the human type of eye have lenses and light-sensitive cells that allow the eyes to collect data that a brain can form into an image of the surrounding environment. Though this performance I tried to see as a human act like Insect compound eyes. It was challenging 3 hours I had looked closely on earth that determines how much detail I can see in a given image. With externally heat, the movements were also as like Insects.