Not everything that counted truly counts

Title: Not everything that counted truly counts

Performance, /durations: 6 hours,
Date of work: 05th September  2018
Photo credit: Mohosin Kabir, Akram Hossain and Safkan Khan
Curated by: Mahbubur Rahman,
Co-artists: Nahian, Fahim, Tithi, Ayesha, Ovi

The quota I took from William Bruce Cameron (Not Albert Einstein ) one of his  research–“Not everything that can be counted, counts”

The things that count cannot be counted” suggests that it is impossible to measure what is important. This assertion is an extremely version of “not everything that counts can be counted.

 Here in this performance I tried to explain it social and political context. This performance as a tool to protest social injustice— how act the body when traumatic time upon on the whole society and country. I am talking about the pain of our own lives, how we act when we see the situation?  Can’t count the true as the truth.  Also mess-up Rumors and truth. How actually reaction the body and brain when we couldn’t help ourselves.  For this performance I have been observing the body action from so many social protests.