Our Own privet Anthology

Title: Our Own privet Anthology (ongoing project)
Curated by: HH Art Spaces Foundation(Nikhil Chopra, Madhavi Gore,)
Date of work:  2016, 16th to 19thDecember, 2016
Size /durations: 36 hours. Everyday 9 hours,(11am to 8pm)
Material: 100 Kg Flours, 73 liters Water, Lights. Table, Jag, plat, glass.
Photo credit: Dheer Kaku
Serendipity Art Festival, Goa, India

The project began in 2014 as a response to two things: analysis and researching of anthologist of women generations (especially domestic woks feminist point of view), and Hospitality-interrogating relationships between food and environmental. It was developed in Dhaka, since couple of years Bangladesh people are suffering about the food security. Dhaka’s brouhaha over contaminated fruit/foods speaks to a growing chasm between the urban and the rural.
Performance it’s reminded me some sort of grandmothers’ job, household works which usually each of our women doing nonstop from generation by generation. It like bring a sort of loaf(Roti) of bread works inside the gallery. At this point I believe, and maybe for years in to the future, why these analytical consultations usually are a sort of politics action. I really do definitely not go to most of these consultations due to the fact I need or maybe want to discuss the “personal problems.” The truth is, I’d personally somewhat definitely not. As a motion person, I’ve been recently required to be sturdy, selfless, other-oriented, reducing, and generally speaking basically answerable for my own living.
This series (Our Own privet Anthology) are seen kneading and dragging a large amount of dough for bread; a live-artwork that deals with time, movement, space, material, body, and action/interaction. Using the body as a means of expression, aspires to create art where all of the elements are linked together to form a wholesome idea of Beauty, yet leaving space for the viewer to form their own associations and generate new possibilities. I refer to the therapeutic potential in performance, where the Self is made open to confrontation at many levels and performance becomes a deeply personal and aesthetic form of Self-empowered political activism.
The action is suggestive of household chores, relegated duties of the female-sex; duties one sees as ‘grandmother’s duties’ in traditional family structures. This long duration work is one part in a series in which the artist works with food and perishable materials, exploring the gendered roles of women and men in patriarchal society. This piece is an interactive piece, where viewers are invited to participate in what ensues.